I have been doing animation since I was a child. I studied graphic design at WIZO Haifa and classic animation at Sheridan College in Canada. When I was just starting out professionally, I had an animation studio in partnership with Danny Isaacs. That was a long time ago. We got started after we won a video-clip competition for some music videos we made for the singers Rami Fortis and Berry Sakharof. Our studio produced animations for cable television advertising, and our clients included various advertising agencies and the Children’s television channel.
Afterwards I got into the world of gaming, when I worked for a company called Interact. When that project ended, I began working for the IDF Instruction Division, where I became involved in e-learning and educational software and was very much taken by the field. I became adept in multi-media and during my time there and also became proficient in programing with Action Script.
I later moved to DPSI, a studio employing hundreds of people, where I worked in the classic animation department. A few years ago I struck out on my own again, and have been working on various projects encompassing animation, illustration, educational software and games. My clients include the Hop children’s channel, Israeli Childhood Songs, John Bryce, the Western Wall Foundation, the Israel Police, The Technion, and others. In addition, I am working on a number of my own independent game projects.

Over the years I have witnessed technology change and consequently transform the world of animation, by opening the door to new possibilities and closing the door on others. We must constantly learn new things to stay on top of the field. When I first started out with my own studio, we were the first studio in Israel that colored animation digitally using a desktop computer. Later, when I became involved in e-learning, I had to become proficient in a range of relevant software and programming. I have always loved learning new things, so this dynamic works well for me.

My work today is varied: it might be animating an existing design while being responsible for preparing the character for animation and the animation itself; and it might include the concept design as well. There are projects where I design the characters and work with other animators as the director. On some projects, I simply do the animation according to directions, while on others I am also responsible for the script and the overall production. In short, I love working on a team, but can also work independently.
When it comes to educational software, I usually work with a content specialist, or a content designer, and do the designing myself.